Any Questions?
Why are my delivery details in French?

Pocha Mama really cares about the environment. However, we couldn't find a vendor in the USA that matched our vision. 

We decided it was really important to work with a vendor that matched our values. So, we were happy when we found the seemingly perfect vendor that produces ethically made clothes from recycled and organic materials. However, the vendor is in France, and they aren't necessarily ready for the English market yet.

But we're super excited to work with them! They're quality is super great and we look forward to supporting vendors that are forward thinking when it comes the environment.

When will I receive my order?

It takes approximately 2 weeks. The products are all made to order, so it takes a little bit of time. Plus, our vendor is in France so it takes a little more time to distribute worldwide. Please be patient and order plenty in time in advance. Merci beaucoup.

How does free shipping work?

Any order over $50 will have free worldwide shipping with tracking. wooo-fucking-hoo. However, shipping with tracking is available for any cart amount.

Are your products green-washing?

No, no, no. The materials are really organic and have Fair Wear Certifications. The packaging is indeed eco-friendly. And the factories where the clothes are produced area also very eco-conscience. The spirit of eco-friendliness starts with the first organic cotton ball to it being received in your hands.

Are you carbon neutral?

At checkout, we offer a carbon neutral offset option so your delivery can be carbon neutral. We are working on understanding the full impact of our footprint. We will be donating to an environmental cause so they will help as well.

Can I submit any design ideas?

Omg, yass please. Please do so my sending us a message on our contact page.

What non-profit are you supporting?

We're not advertising the name at the current time because we haven't received permission from them yet if we can advertise with them. Pocha Mama is still in slight stealth mode, so it will be announced once we're out of stealth mode.