Environmental Policy

We're all anti-turtle-with-straw-in-head photo on Instagram. Maybe, you asked for no straw, but it ended up in your damn glass anyways. 

The obvious effects of climate change are amongst us. With the constant record breaking heatwaves, hurricanes and droughts, we know we need to move forward with ethical products and depend less on crap products.

We're all frustrated with the status quo. So, we collectively need to put our purchasing power to where our beliefs are, and start buying like we give a fuck.

Thus, we searched far and wide to source vendors that actually care and were feasible for our needs. Truthfully, it was a disheartening search. There were several doors closed in the search process. But we were insanely excited when we came across a few vendors that provide ethical products.

From the certifications backing the claims, to the actual feel, touch and wear of the finished product, goddamn goddamn. 

Plastic-Free Packaging

We know how it goes. You anxiously await for your new reusable eco-friendly product, but it arrives in the mail wrapped in single-use plastic. Side eye.

We ship with packaging using recyclable cardboard that carry an FSC Label (an environmental certification of sustainability and responsibly managed forests). It withstands strong weather conditions, so your contents are safe.

Water Based Inks

Again, less shitty plastic based inks. Water based inks are better for the environment in production & cleanup. Oil based inks need, more harmful chemicals to clean up. And, water based inks hug the fabric better than oil based inks.

100% Organic Cotton

Which means no pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or GMOs. Non-organic farms produce unsafe environments for field workers, cause troubles for the surrounding eco-systems and create strong bio-waste. Cotton materials are 100% biodegradable in a matter of a few months. #PochaMama #SaveTheBees

Recycled Polyester

We try not to use much polyester since it's petroleum based. However, sometimes it's necessary for the elasticity of a garment. If it's used on the rare occasion, it is of recycled materials.

Produced in Fair Environments

Our main production warehouses are in Europe. Our trusted European vendors source from Fair Wear Foundation Certified organizations which ensure: no child labor, no bonded labor, rights to collective bargaining, legal contracts, reasonable work hours, and minimum livable wages.

Our identities are formed by our beliefs and our actions

All said and done, our product are actually premium. They're priced higher because there is a higher quality supply chain behind every step of the way.

Our Mission is to help Mother Earth

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