Let's hug trees together.

Fashion inspired by the Earth and good for the Earth. Cute shit made of organic & recycled materials in fair working conditions alleviating the anxieties in our world.

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Although we don't believe in labels
Organic Cotton

No pesticides or GMOs. Safe for farmers, land, eco-systems, and you.

Plastic-Free Packaging

We won't send any plastic crap. We ship using 100% recycled materials.


10% of profits go to non-profits that advocate for the environment.

Fair Wear Foundation Certified

Which means no child labor, reasonable work hours, and other protections for laborers.

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LA MADRE TIERRA (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

the inner goddess in all of us.

the hairy armpits & the stubble on our knees. the seed of life presiding. the dirt, the ocean's blues. nuestras plantas feministas. all encompassing, harvesting & embodying.


A Pocha is a mildly derogative slang word for an USA born Mexican who doesn't speak Spanish very well.

Which means, the Californian born artist behind the brand, Patty Castaneda, is a Pocha. As the daughter of immigrant parents, she currently reclaims her heritage by living as a fresa, chingona, and naca in Mexico City. But, she sometimes struggles to order tacos.

As an avid traveller, the seed of her inspiration is the world — Pachamama.